RCR specializes in the private placement of medium to large loans worldwide. Our private investment affiliates offer  capital to small and middle-market companies and private equity sponsors for acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, re-financing's, later stage growth investments, recapitalization, and capital expenditures through first-lien and second-lien, senior loans and mezzanine debt, blended capital as well as equity capital.

Industry preferences that we may obtain funding for include:

Renewable Energy (Wind, Solar, Bio, Hydro, Waste, ect.) – Medical Devices – Medical/Healthcare – Manufacturing – Pharmaceutical - IT - Distribution – Electronic Components – Communications - Media - Petroleum Refinery – Energy Services – Energy Shipping – Energy Trading – Crude Oil Processing – Oil & Gas Extraction – Construction – Energy  – Real Estate Related Services – Ship & Airline Manufacturing – Chemical Companies – Waste Management

For funding consideration please forward a complete financial package. A reference guide is available below to help insure your project is given the attention it deserves - PRESENTING YOUR PROJECT for SUCCESS .



Senior-secured, commercial asset-based loans to low and middle market businesses located in the USA and Canada against any combination of equipment, inventory (inc. commercial & industrial. and in-transit inventory to the USA). or account receivable. Loans range from $500,000.00 to $10,000,000.00.


Our investors can evaluate business plans quickly and easily if they contain the following:

1. The "Elevator Speech" (a one paragraph summary of the business)

2. The Executive Summary - This is a 1-2 page summary which briefly describes the business using all nine of the following elements:

3. The Business Plan - Any plan submitted should address the following issues:

i.  The Business - A mission statement or the "Elevator Speech".

ii. The Market

  • History and project size ($$)
  • Relevant trends
  • Government regulation issues

iii. Products

  • Description
  • Historical and projected dates for key milestones
  • What makes your product different (Unique Selling Proposition)

iv. Competition

  • Name the Competitors
  • Barriers to entry
  • Competitive advantages

v. Revenue model - How will the company earn revenue?

vi. Distribution/Sales

  • Key customers
  • Partnership Alliances
  • Sales Strategies

vii. Financial Projections (2 years, preferably by quarter)

  • Historical and Forecasted P&Ls
  • Cash Flow Forecast
  • Current Balance Sheet
  • Headcount forecast by department

xii. Management

  • Management team bios
  • Board composition

ix. What is being proposed (deal terms)

  • Prior financing history
  • Pre or post financing valuation
  • How much are you raising and time frame?
  • Where is the money raised being spent?
  • How much capital (verifiable) has been invested to date or in reserves?
  • Liquidity plan or exit strategy
  • Description of Collateral or Security (if applicable)